Gene Vogel

Gene Vogel - Guitar and Vocals

Gene Vogel – Guitar and Vocals


“Mean” Gene

After getting back into the music scene in the mid-2000’s with the band METAL VENGEANCE, it began a musical journey that led to something big – MORTIFICATOR.

Metal Vengeance would eventually re-group to become MINNESOTA METAL FACTORY (MMF), a Classic Metal tribute band, carrying on the tradition started by Metal Vengeance. The band would continue with Kyle Vraa on Guitar, John Graham on Drums (later replaced by Ryan ‘Zeus’ Smith who had played bass with Metal Vengeance) and Gonzo on bass.)

During the time of MMF, Gene was asked to join a sister project – RED GEM OF HADES (RGoH) with Kyle Vraa from MMF, Ryan ‘Zeus’ Smith and Pat Young of St. Paul’s own EXPYRE, and the lovely and talented Kayti Decay (later of Mousai) on bass. What was going to be a one-off show, it grew into a full blown band.

RGoH began working on the material Vraa wrote and recorded with Young and started playing shows around the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin.

Wile working with RGoH and MMF, an opportunity to join A CALL TO ARMS as a frontman presented itself, so Gene tried out and was offered the position.

Working alongside Nick Warhead (3’s EVE, ARCANGEL, CHEMICAL IMBALANCE, TWELVE GUAGE, WARHEAD, later of Red Gem of Hades and currently of DETRITUS), and Dan Kobilka (Telve Guage, Warhead, currently of Detritus) with Andy Conroy on bass (later replaced by Amy Rapoport (ArcAngel, Psychopathetic)), ACtA began tearing up stages across the Twin Cities and became a local favorite very quickly.

After some time, MMF and RGoH began to perform less, and Gene received a message from Brett Rice of the band MONOGON asking if he’d be interested in joining up on Guitar. Figuring the writing was on the wall with those two bands, Gene took the offer and joined as the 5th member of Monogon. Within a month MMF called it a day and RGoH took the summer off.

Monogon went full-force into performing live around the Twin Cities and St. Cloud, and eventually regrouped after losing their drummer. Trimming down to a 3-piece with Brett Rice on guitar and Brandon Peterson on bass and all members taking on vocal duties, with Brandon programming drums for recording and live shows.

Monogon would record an E.P. began recording a second E.P. that may still be released, played a bunch of shows as a 3-piece, and carried on the METAL FOR LIFE Benefit headed up by Tonya Rice.

During this time, RGoH was planning on Fall shows, but without writing new material, Gene decided to leave the band and was replaced by Nick Warhead. ACtA also decided to call it a day during that time, and would regroup as Detritus with Warhead on Guitar and vocals with Kobilka and Rapoport. Gene was down to one band – Monogon.

Eventually Monogon decided to perform less and record more, and in June of 2013 Gene placed an ad on Craigslist to begin a new project to keep busy and perform live.

Thus began the mighty Mortificator.


Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore, Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth, Tony Iommi, Ronnie James Dio, James Hetfield (1980’s era Metallica).

Guitars: Hamer Standard XT, B.C. Rich ‘Chuck Schuldiner Tribute’ Stealth.

Effects: RP500 (with amp modelling)

Amp cabs: Ampeg, Genz-Benz

InTune Guitar Pics 1.14
Shure and Sennheiser microphones
Beer: homebrewed, MN Breweries and microbrewers throughout the globe. But mostly homebrew.

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