Mortificator in the Studio!

Posted: July 4, 2014 in Demo
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Immediately after heading off of the Minnesota Music Cafe’s stage on June 28th, we were asked if we have plans to record. Within a week, we set plans in motion.

Mortificator is now in the studio.

That’s right – we knew that we needed to get the music in the hands of our fans – especially you rabid ones. We’ve begun drum tracking last week, and this Holiday weekend we will continue with guitar tracking.

Here are the 5 songs we’re going to record:

* Enter Mortificator/Dig Your Grave
* Padded Room Symphony
* Loss of Soul
* Minnesota Mosh
* Save it for the Pit

Stay tuned for further updates!

  1. mortificator says:

    We have wrapped up recording for the demo! Now we wait for the mix…

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